Essential Tools To Make A Long Haul Flight More Bearable

Essential Tools To Make A Long Haul Flight More Bearable

You’re booked on a long flight somewhere fun or exotic, but you’re sitting in economy or premium economy and you don’t want to arrive looking, and feeling, less than your best. What can you do? Besides resting or sleeping, eating lightly, drinking plenty of water, and limiting your intake of alcohol and caffeine during a flight, there isn’t much else. There are a few essentials you can take on board with you, however, which can make a difference to your appearance and how you feel. Top of my list, especially for light sleepers, is a pair of quality ear plugs; blocking out peripheral noise, which can include crying children or nearby snoring, can help you to rest. Some ear plugs are also designed to relieve ear discomfort, the annoying clogging and popping some people are really prone to when flying. Something else which can make you feel fresh on arrival is a disposable toothbrush; some are a combination toothbrush and toothpick in one, coming with a freshening bead you can swallow so you don’t need water to use it. Feminine wipes plus a change of undies can make a big difference, and spritzing yourself with your own fragrance from a mini perfume spray is guaranteed to make you feel more human on arrival.

When it comes to your skin facial wipes are essential for taking off any makeup, and for refreshing your skin; pop a couple into a mini zip lock bag, and when you are ready to use one they’ll remove makeup, cleanse and tone your skin in one easy step. Once you’ve removed makeup, keep your skin well hydrated and moisturised with a quality moisturiser; some you can even leave on as a super boosting mask, although you may draw some strange looks! To keep your skin hydrated, or if you don’t want to be bothered with removing makeup, or using a moisturiser, spritz your face regularly to help keep it better hydrated; pick something with rosewater in it, which is extra hydrating. And finally treat your lips to a luxury lip balm. It’s not just your complexion which can become dry on a long flight; your lips can also be prone to chapping and tightness, but pick something natural such as coconut oil which won’t make your lips drier in the long term. 


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