Flying In Style Is Great, But Not All Lie-Flat Seats Are Equal

Flying In Style Is Great, But Not All Lie-Flat Seats Are Equal

Larger personal screens, lie-flat seats, extra baggage allowances, and at the extreme end of the scale, chauffeurs and in-the-sky apartments: whichever class you’re flying long haul in these days, there’s plenty to choose from thanks to greater competition among premium airlines. In particular, premium economy and business class have come under the spotlight in recent years, with carriers upgrading offerings to woo travellers with an eye for comfort. When it comes to business class seats, however, they vary widely not only by airline, but also within a carrier’s aircraft types, and not all classes are offered on all flights. So if you’re flying to Europe, what can you expect? Starting with British Airways, its Club World seat converts to a 183 cm fully lie-flat bed and comes with adjustable head rest and lumbar support, and power supply for laptops and other electronic devices. Club World improvements are currently being rolled out the BA network, which include stylish new bedding and an amenity kit designed by The White Company. The improvements should available on all London Heathrow routes by late 2018 and on all London Gatwick routes by early 2019. Meanwhile Cathay Pacific’s new business class seat converts to a long 208cm fully lie-flat bed with a generous width of 53cm, and settings for private or open cabin space. The seat also adapts to your preferences in flight, with two pre-set settings for sitting and sleeping, and controls for smaller adjustments. If you’re flying Emirates, its new seat also converts to a 183cm fully lie-flat bed and comes with a privacy divider, and access to the Onboard Lounge. Rival Etihad has a privacy shell seat which converts to a 186 cm fully lie-flat bed, with meals on demand and an amenity kit containing a LUXE City Guide and Scaramouche + Fandango skincare. Looking closer to home, Qantas’s Marc Newson-designed, second generation SkyBed converts to a 200cm fully lie-flat bed with a mattress, grey pyjamas, and Qantas Curates amenity kits which include a Qantas-exclusive ASPAR Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Vanilla & Orange Lip Moisturiser and an Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser, an eye mask, travel socks, dental kit and ear plugs.  And finally Singapore Airline’s new business class seat varies a bit from aircraft type, but on the A380 it converts to a 198cm fully lie-flat bed which is also the world’s widest at 76cm wide.



May 28, 2018 @ 21:33

Wow, great post! I've only ever flown business class once with Garuda airlines and they had flatbeds. They were amazing, allowede to sleep so I wasn't too tired which meant I could start my holiday straight away! If your budget can afford it, I'd highly recommend flying business class if you are flying with a baby.. Being able to have the extra room with a little one makes all the difference. But of course, depending on where you're travelling to, this isn't always affordable.


May 29, 2018 @ 12:56

Flying Business class is such a treat. I have only tried it a couple of times but it makes such a difference to your flying experience. I would love to try Business class on Singapore Airlines and British Airways. Their flat beds sound incredible!


June 1, 2018 @ 00:44

Have flown First Class and Business Class only on Qantas and it was so incredible, but I have also travelled with my 5 children on my own in Economy from Sydney to London. Passengers travelling with small children need all the help they can get. One tip I can give for travelling with very young children is to buy a small dog or pet bed. They're inexpensive, very light and very cosy. They can be put into the travel cots on board, or tucked around a child on a seat. They'll be comfortable enough to sleep, and give the parent peace of mind.


August 21, 2018 @ 12:47

Oh my more bucket list stuff....imagine flying in business class!

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