Four Great Money Saving Travel Tips

Four Great Money Saving Travel Tips

Even though you may have snagged a bargain luxe-for-less holiday deal, once you get on the road you will still be spending money. From getting around to eating out, bills can add up, but there’s four great ways to save away from home. Top of the list is paying to use your own money when you travel, therefore, to avoid paying fees for foreign transactions, consider switching banks and getting a debit card or ATM card which doesn’t attract these fees. As for ATM fees, start by taking plenty of the local currency with you, and if you do have to withdraw money at your destination, avoid small amounts as you’ll pay fees every time. Another way to save relates to check in baggage. Over-packing can be expensive if you’re flying with an airline that charges per bag, so make sure the case you use is lightweight empty, and not too big. Also cut down on what you pack as you can always pick up items locally, such as toiletries, and you can use a laundry to get your clothes clean.

Eating out at restaurants can be expensive as well as unhealthy. If you’re staying in an apartment hotel, shop at a local supermarket and aim to eat at least two meals a day at home. If you are staying at a hotel, avoid room service and use local takeaways, or shop at supermarkets for items such as pre-made salads and sandwiches, and if you subscribe to any deals websites such as Groupon, you can buy restaurant deals for the destination you’re travelling to. The final tip for saving money is using public transport or your feet to explore your destination; this isn’t just good for your wallet but also for your health and your wallet. Taxis can be expensive in some countries, so consider using a service like Uber, transfer services for the airport, or possibly car rental if it’s cheap and the price of fuel isn’t expensive. Walking is one of the best ways to go, however, as you may be able to get off the tourist track – just make sure it is safe, and if you’re unsure, ask a hotel concierge or do some research.

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