Free Sightseeing in Tokyo

Free Sightseeing in Tokyo

Ask many people if they’ve ever considered a holiday in Tokyo and the response you’ll often hear is: “I’d love to, but it’s too expensive.” The myth of Tokyo being a hyper-expensive city still pervades, but there’s plenty of great sights to see in Japan’s capital city without taking out a second mortgage. Top of your bucket list should be Meiji-jingu, arguably Tokyo’s grandest Shinto shrine, and a wonderful place to immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture and history. It consists of three areas: Naien, or the inner precinct which houses the shrine buildings; Gaien, or the outer precinct which is the site of the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery; and the Meiji Memorial Hall. The shrine buildings occupy just a small corner of the area’s 700,000 square-metre forest, picturesque parkland with over 365 species of trees which are home to a variety of bird life. Other free sights in Tokyo include the majestic Imperial Palace, which is home to one of Tokyo’s most notable landmarks, the stunning Nijubashi Bridge. The palace itself is all but hidden behind a dense wood of trees, and it is closed to the public, but the picturesque backdrop makes the bridge one of Tokyo’s most famous photo ops. In complete contrast, some of largest companies in the world, including Panasonic and Toyota, have headquarters in Japan, and showcase their latest technology in stunning showrooms which are open to the public and free. And when it comes to romantic, panoramic city views, head to the “Tocho” observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, just minutes from Shinjuku Station. Situated on the 45th floor – 202 metres above ground – it’s said that on a clear day you can even see Mt Fuji.

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June 1, 2018 @ 15:08

I have never been to Japan would love to go now I've read all your blogs on it (and on your other site) and there are some great deals. Thanks for sharing

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