Honeymoon Destinations, Part One – The Cities

Honeymoon Destinations, Part One – The Cities

There are so many things to consider and plan when it comes to the perfect wedding besides naming the date, buying the ring, choosing a venue for the service, and most importantly for many women, working out what to wear. For many couples another key part of the wedding preparations is choosing a bucket list honeymoon destination. Deciding where to celebrate the beginning of your life together as a married couple is one of the most cherished events of your life, so it’s important to work out what kind of honeymoon you want, and do your research to plan it meticulously. In part one of this two part blog we check out two popular city destinations for a post-wedding holiday.

First is Prague, a city few others in the world can match for its architectural charm, however, there’s more to this ancient city than perfectly preserved medieval and historical buildings. The Czech capital is a top choice for a honeymoon as it also has a buzzing nightlife and restaurant scene. Wandering the city streets, a common scene is impromptu cultural performances on a cobbled corner or in a warm cafe, and readings on a medieval bridge. Centuries-old churches adorn many corners with even older back streets, baroque bridges and cobbled streets. It seems like a conspiracy to convince visitors they’re in an epic movie set, yet this is a real working city built for romance.

Another top pick for a city-based honeymoon in Europe is the “City of Light”, also called Paris, a destination that’s exhausted every possible superlative description, and which remains one of the most beloved destinations in the world. A honeymoon in the French capital can include a visit to major landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées and the Louvre, but Paris is more than just a city with grand icons. Down at street level is where the real magic happens. The avenues and alleys reveal the romance of Paris and this is where you’ll find in-love couples snatching a refined lunch, elegant ladies walking tiny dogs and delivery drivers discussing politics over a glass of wine. Each of the 18 districts, or arrondissements, has its own personality which makes it the type of place that demands you return. And each time you come back to a place like Paris, it reveals a little more of its intriguing personality.

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