How Taking A Repositioning Cruise Can Save You Money

How Taking A Repositioning Cruise Can Save You Money

A growing number of international cruise ships spend several months at a time in one particular part of the globe, and then move to another for an extended season. These one-off voyages which move the ship between countries or continents are called repositioning cruises, and they are well worth considering for a high seas holiday as they can offer many benefits. One good examples includes moving a ship from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean at the end of the northern hemisphere summer, which results in a long cruise across the Atlantic. And in our own backyard, a number of seasonal ships move from Australia to Alaska in April, returning again in October, which results in a long, leisurely voyage through the South Pacific and Hawaii, while other ships move between Australia and Asia also for seasons. Repositioning cruises are popular among savvy cruisers for a variety of good reasons. One is that they are longer cruises of at least 2-3 weeks, and sometimes longer, allowing for plenty of relaxing sea days in between ports of call, and time on board a ship on the high seas to read your favourite books, learn a new a new skill, get fit or and more. And if you are cruising from Australia to Alaska, or Australia to Asia ( or back) you’ll also only have to fly one way at the end of your cruise. A primary reason why repositioning cruises are popular, however, is that they offer great value for money. Overall, looking at a per day rate, they are cheaper than other cruises, and sold at a discount. The cruise line has to move the ship anyway, so rather than do it without passengers, they make it worth the while for anyone who wants to go for the long ride. You can also book repositioning cruises well in advance, perhaps allowing you to use frequent flyer miles for your one-way flight instead of paying for a ticket. Another bonus can be calls at off-the-beaten-path destinations which are usually not on regular itineraries. And what’s not to love about that?

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May 7, 2018 @ 15:13

Great advice, one of my dream cruises is Hawaii to Sydney....lots of sea days, nice big ship and a few interesting destinations on the way.

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