At iExpedition we are dedicated to providing the best land and sea based expeditions!

As the leading online Expedition and Adventure Travel portal, we are here to define the future of expedition and adventure travel. We are a team of Expedition and Adventure travel enthusiasts with a dream to create a platform that allows you to explore, research, investigate and book your experience of a lifetime.

From conception, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to the destinations we sell, by creating a powerful and easy to use website, which allows you to search for, save, reserve, book and manage your booking all on the one site.

We believe, that through our focus on technology iExpedition better delivers an extensive array of expedition voyages from over 40 vessels and across 500+ different itineraries. The platform that we have created, better equips you to make informed decisions, through an advanced search platform, as well as detailing exact departure and cabin information and pricing.

As an iExpedition’er you will have access to a huge selection of expeditions that will allow you to explore from Pole to Pole and beyond. As we grow, we will be working closely with you, our partners and technology team to introduce new and exciting destinations and further enhance your online experience.

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