On Foot Holidays

Self-guided walking – is it for you?

If you have not done this kind of walking before remember that you will be on your own, sometimes in quite remote areas, and even though we provide local telephone support, you have to know where you are in order for our local team to help you! You will be following our written directions, and should be able to use a compass (medium and hard walks).  Map reading competence is also required for the higher-graded walks at least, and useful for the easier ones.  If in doubt, ask us for advice.   Check also that your fitness is appropriate to the grade of walk chosen.

How long?

We make walks for everyone. Times for each day are shown in hours actually walked by Simon, amended to allow for relaxed holiday pace, but ignoring stops for lunch, looking at wild flowers, chatting and admiring the view. Walking distances are also provided for some routes.

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