Pandaw River Cruises

At Pandaw we are dedicated to exploring remote and often difficult to navigate river and coasts in specially designed luxury small ships.

Each ship, hand crafted in brass and teak, is an object of great beauty in itself. A Pandaw adventure is not like an ocean going cruise. The atmosphere is informal and very social.

They tell us they come for the atmosphere and beauty of our ships as much as for the amazing scenery we sail through or the cultural treasures we explore ashore.

In fact we have the highest passenger to deck space ratio of any cruise ships afloat so there are plenty of quiet spots to read a book or mediate on the passing landscape or chat with like minded people. A real feature are the promenade decks that run round the ship that allow people to interact.

Dining can be individual or with a group of friends. Inside or out and most diets are catered for. The level of service on a Pandaw is incredible and something we are very proud of. Our stewards are totally dedicated to your comfort.

Pandaw has an all inclusive policy so there are no hidden extras for excursions and non most drinks are included in the price of your ticket.

We are family friendly and offer mountain biking and treks ashore. In fact these expeditions are great for older kids who really gain from interacting with local kids when we stop in the villages.

Transportation, sometimes in the form of a cyclo or sampan, is provided for those who prefer a led excursion with our expert guides.

If you want private balconies, big flat screen TVs in your room, shag pile carpets and other such fripperies then Pandaw is not for you. If you seek moments of tranquillity interspersed by conviviality, whilst gliding through amazing scenery then come with us.

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