Why A Cruise Ship Balcony Stateroom Can Save You Money

Why A Cruise Ship Balcony Stateroom Can Save You Money

When booking a cruise, some people may ponder on whether they need balcony accommodation or not, but a stateroom with its own outdoor space has many benefits; and it can save you money. A growing number of ships are being built with more balcony staterooms, and the price to enjoy this outdoor space isn’t always that much more than a mere ocean view room. At times you may find deals which allow for immediate upgrades from inside or ocean view to balcony accommodation free of charge, while some balcony staterooms are naturally cheaper due to having obstructions, or obstructed views. If you’re travelling with infants or babies who need regular naps, having a balcony not only offers additional space, but also allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while they enjoy a snooze. The same principle can apply to anyone travelling with elderly cruisers, or anyone who’s immobile or who will be spending more time than usual amount in their stateroom.

A private balcony gives you a quiet place in which to relax and enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, as well as your ports of call. They can be particularly useful when enjoying scenic cruising, such as in Alaska’s Inside Passage, or when transiting somewhere unusual, such as the Panama Canal, when the outside decks can become extremely busy. A balcony can also be blessing for anyone who suffers from seasickness; if you’re feeling a tad green, you can still enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. For some couples, a balcony allows you to do different things at the same. One person can enjoy an afternoon nap, while the other sits outside and takes in the scenery. And if your ship offers room service, a leisurely breakfast in port or at sea, a late lunch if you’re back from a shore tour, or a private dinner for two is available to you.

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