Travel Tips

When Package Holidays Can Save You Money

Many holidays on offer today are sold as packages or bundles, which means flights, accommodation and other perks are included in a single price. But do these types of holidays save you money in the long run? The answer is yes and no. Peak season packages can be a great money saver, as an industry

Saving Money On Duty Free

Duty-free shopping used to be a perk of international travel, with travellers benefitting from cheaply priced alcohol, perfumes and cigarettes. The arrival of GST was just one of a number of measures which changed all that, coupled with online shopping and bargain-basement retailers, bringing down the price of luxury goods. If you’ve departed on an

A Few Easy Ways To Help Minimise Jet Lag

It’s the bane of every long haul flyer, not an illness, but a combination of fatigue and other symptoms caused by travelling quickly across different time zones. So what can travellers do to fend off the dreaded jet lag? People have different symptoms when they suffer from it, but common ones include fatigue, sleepiness, difficulty making