Travel Tips

How Much Check-In Baggage Can I Take With Me?

If you’re flying in premium economy or business class these days, thanks to greater competition among airlines there’s plenty of perks to choose from. But it’s not all about what happens in the air; a deal breaker for some travellers can be luggage allowances which are less than generous. So what’s on offer from six

Ways To Save On Travel Insurance You Haven’t Considered

It’s essential to have adequate travel insurance when you go overseas, and for many people, a great place to start when it comes to saving money is comparing prices using comparison websites such as, or However there are other considerations. If you’re planning to make a number of trips in a calendar year, an annual

Easy Travel Hacks You’ll Love

Travelling can be quite a stressful business these days, even if you’re flying at the pointy end of the plane, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy your holiday overseas with greater ease. For a start, if you’re flying long haul, and you’re not flying business or premium economy, make good use of a