Travel Tips

Tipping In The USA

You’ve booked your holiday, you’ve packed your bags, and you have your passport ready and US dollars in your wallet. A holiday across the ditch to our cousins in North America is a dream come true for many who go, but there are a few things you need to know about travelling there – tipping

Combating Jet Lag

It happens to most of us when we travel long haul; that groggy feeling which creeps up on you during the day, and when it is time for bed you’re wide awake. Jet lag is undoubtedly annoying, not to mention having an unwelcome impact on your holiday. And worse still, it’s not just people on

Our Top Tips For Tipping

Wherever you travel in the world, paying a tip for services you receive in bars, restaurants, spas, and hair salons to name a few is somewhat of a minefield. The reason why? There are alway so many questions. For one is 10 or 15 per cent enough? And do you tip based on the number