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Getting Around New Zealand On Land

The majority of visitors to New Zealand will arrive by plane or disembark from a cruise ship, but if you’re planning to take off and explore the island by land on your own, there are number of ways to do it. Top of the list for many people is renting a car, as it allows

Combating Jet Lag

It happens to many of us after enduring a long haul flight; a persistent, groggy feeling which creeps up on you during the day, and then when it is time for bed you’re wide awake and can’t sleep. Jet lag is undoubtedly an annoying problem, not to mention having an unwelcome impact on your holiday,

What To Do If Your Flight Is Oversold

You’ve had the best holiday every, only to arrive at the airport check-in desk to find that your flight home is oversold. Someone – and possibly several someones – will not be boarding your plane as a result, but if one of them is you is it a curse or a mixed blessing? If the

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