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Why You Should Take A Medical Kit On Your Travels

While some people travel long haul or hit the high seas carrying little more than spare band aids and a few tablets to resolve a headache, there are many good reasons to pack a thought out medical kit in your luggage. For one, when you travel to some countries, you are more at risk of

Saving Money On Cruise Ship Excursions

Snorkeling and diving coral reefs in the Caribbean, exploring ancient sites in Greece, wine tasting in France, dog sledding in Alaska, and cooking school in Thailand; these are just a few of the impressive lineup of activities which cruise guests can enjoy ashore, and which today are as much a part of the cruise experience

Saving Money On A Yoga Or Health Retreat

Getting away for a long weekend or more to work on your health and wellbeing has undoubtedly become a popular and regular pastime for many people. Stress, long working hours and even family life can all take their toll, or sometimes a person just wants to kick start new healthy habits, or focus on a

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