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Our Top Flying Hacks

Ask any frequent traveller and they’ll tell you that flying isn’t as easy, or anywhere as fun, as it used to be, but there are several essential hacks which everyone should know about, and which can make your journey in the sky easier. Top of our list is getting a great seat on the plane,

Easy Ways To Help Minimise Jet Lag

It’s a problem for many long haul flyers, and while jet lag is not an illness, it causes fatigue and other symptoms due travelling quickly across different time zones. Frequent travellers have different symptoms when they suffer from it, but common ones include fatigue, sleepiness, difficulty making decisions, impaired judgment, irritability and apathy. Add to

Our Best Packing Tips For Your Next Holiday

Grabbing your favourite suitcase from the cupboard to pack for a special trip is always an exciting occasion, but some people break out in a cold sweat at the very mention of the job. From preventing creased clothes and spills, to remembering the essentials, there is a lot to think about especially for a longer

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