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Saving Money When You Travel To New Zealand

It’s just across the famous “ditch, and remains a popular destination for many Australian travellers for good reason, but New Zealand is a remote country, and while it’s not exactly big, it’s important to plan any holiday there well – particularly if you want to save some money. Top of our list of tips is

Our Top Money Saving Cruise Hacks

Cruises are great value for money, with all your transportation, accommodation, meals, and activities rolled into one price, but everyone is looking to reduce their costs these days, so there are a number of great cruise hacks to consider before you book. One is to register your email address with deals sites such as us,

Shopping In Spain – What You Need To Know

If you’re heading to sunny Spain anytime soon, besides sightseeing, feasting on tapas, sampling Spanish wines, topping up your tan, and hitting the beach, for many people a spot of shopping will also be on their “must do” list. If this is your plan there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, although

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