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Moments which become embedded in your mind forever to reflect upon for the rest of your years. Each moment forms the core of a story about your travels to share with your friends and family. Each one of us has our own moments we take home from our travels: a special dinner, an incredible hotel, a stunning sight, an amazing journey…  but more often than not it is the interaction and engagement with locals and likeminded travellers which makes the biggest impression on us during our travels.

Our role at Tempo Holidays is to create opportunities for you to experience your very own moments, on your own journey. We have been fulfilling this role for over 25 years building a portfolio of ready-made and tailor-made holidays for travellers to choose between holidaying independently for freedom and flexibility or to travel with a group for convenience and comfort.

We started Tempo from humble beginnings in 1990 as Ya’lla Tours – a customer-centric destination specialist. Today we have a global footprint extending deep into destinations from India to Latin America via Europe and the Middle East, always hand-in-hand with our local partners and friends. We’re proud of our abilities to create and arrange amazing holidays. We’re proud of our experienced and knowledgable team of destination specialists. But we are most proud that the singularly most important element of our business remains the same – we are committed to you as a customer–centric travel specialist.

Having travelled independently; as a member of groups and with our own families in many different destinations and we often reflect on the moments from our travels that continue to inspire us. This year we’re thrilled to be bringing you a broader range of some of our favourite and most inspirational destinations across the Indian Subcontinent: Sri Lanka, the Maldives, on up into the Himalayas and across into Myanmar. These are some of the most incredible places on the planet!

All of our new journeys, our long-standing favourite trips and newly expanded holidays are designed and created in partnership with some of the most experienced and creative local teams in the region who share our commitment to surprise and delight you on your own next journey.

Please take the time to open your heart and mind to this selection of wonderful travel experiences and let us work with you to create your own new moments to reflect upon and be inspired by for many years to come. To help get you there our expert team offer you this range of ready-made holidays and independent journeys. Or a combination of both. They are designed to be holidays full of experience, engagement and enjoyment with your safety and convenience always in mind so that all you need to do is choose, book and immerse yourself in your next holiday in this amazing part part of the world.

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